My name is Carl, I go by Sweemoo- just something I made up when I was young. Think of it like some small anthropomorphized cattle.

I live in Southern California and play with computers or something. Primarily I program in C++ but I know java as well. I have experience in 3D modeling and animation. Besides programs I also do websites, so html and php are on board, as well as SEO and mobile optimization.

I was brought up on video games, playing zelda and shmups on the PC with my father. As soon as I came of age I wondered how they were made and have been learning ever since.

I have been programming and developing games since about 2008. Starting in GameMaker (GML) before that around 06-07, but then got into TorqueEngine (TorqueScript) and then Dark GDK (C++) around 08 is when I started getting serious. I have developed and published games written in Java for Android to Google Play (as well as many unpublished C++ demos, haha). Nowadays you can find me at VBSoftworks doing games and websites where I like to help individuals and businesses build apps and web presence.